Where is My Food?



If suddenly your whole world as we know it was taken away from you, what would you eat?

Do you know anything about food, what plants are edible, poison, or where they might grow?

Do you know how long it would take you, even if you had seeds and knew how to grow food, to get to the point of something edible and life sustaining?

hunter gatherer making dinner over fire

Life Outside

At least if you lived in a climate that was friendly day and night you could survive without shelter, but what would you eat if there were no stores to buy food from?

Do you know how to kill an animal and get it to the point of food? How do you properly gut an animal so that the poisons inside do not contaminate the edible meat? Do you know how to fish and filet it for cooking?

aging hunters


Nevermind the animal to kill, what would you kill it with? Do you know how to make a bow and arrow?

By now some of you are thinking, well I have a grapefruit tree in my yard, or a cherry tree or an apple tree, thank God.

Who has an almond tree or a walnut tree, or a pecan tree in their yard?



Hunter Gatherers knew these things. They knew how to get, and make, and cook food, even though they traveled about. They knew what was poisonous to eat and what in the woods was edible and safe.

Even in a society such as ours, it would only make sense to have these skills. One never knows what might happen tomorrow. It seems only fair to learn how to sustain your own life no matter what, doesn’t it?

Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

I know this sounds ridiculous to you about now, but do your realize how many people today do not even know how much of what food to eat to be healthy in our world as we know it.

Some of you have been camping and some of you have had your parents take you out on trips where you have to learn about being outdoors enough to at least have a start on this. Some of you have been on fishing trips in boats and have learned how to filet your dinner.  You are the lucky ones here.

apartment builing with trees

Apartment Highrise With Trees Incorporated Into It

Maybe you have seen some of the new highrises with gardening facilities on the roof these days. This green skyscraper is in Milan, Italy and each balcony has its own little mini-forest on it with its energy saving benefits of shade. The people in the cities have no dirt in which to grow food so they are making this happen on the roof, for the building. They are even growing trees on their balconies to have better air to breath in the cities now. This has been a very long time in coming and I am happy to see it is a beginning for city dwellers.

the Rock restaurant in Zanzibar near Tanzania

The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar Near Tanzania

This entrepreneur is real and has to be the best salesman in that area.  He or she  must have customers. It is apparently a well known place. Who is to say what will and what will not work.

There are many people who understand what I am saying. They are in good shape. What if we were suddenly forced to live in the woods as we had done so many centuries ago? What if you were old and could not forage for yourself?

Why do we not already know these things? Did we go wrong somewhere in our educational system? Hmmmmm, maybe so. When children do not know where their food comes from I must say there is a problem somewhere.



I have lived on a boat comfortably for so long that I could live in a small hut and be very happy. Could I build one? Yes I could. I would also know how to cook my food and gather what is good for me. I do not need lots of stuff. I have acquired many things that I might need if this were to happen today. I live basically with little or not at all, mostly for the sake of a 12 volt system on the sailboat, but it is easier than you think to make do without having too much stuff.

I know where my food comes from and how to grow it. Do I have shoes that would work for my living in the woods. Yes I do.

Do You?

Sincerely, Mother

Physiologist, Scientist, Author




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