You Have Not Even Heard of Salvestrols Yet?

tomatoes growing

Growing Tomatoes

No one could imagine the joy I felt when I read the first Orthomolecular Journal article on this new compound that is found in plants.

But, only in the plants that are NOT being grown by our current agricultural technology.  I am not sure about any other country, but for sure here in the United States we are growing our food wrong.

Can you imagine that we have done something like this?

When plant life is growing it has a food chain it lives in, just like humans who also live in one.  However, with plants, like the plant food we eat, when a pathogen attacks them, they make something with which to fight their attacker.  Isn’t that amazing in itself?

We certainly do not have that feature.  Well, we do in a way but it is kind of different.  

grapes growing in a vineyard

The Vineyard

In plants, something we call Salvestrols are part of a plants defense mechanism.  When a pathogen, say like a fungus, would attack a fruit, then the plant of the fruit will synthesize a pathogen specific Salvestrol right there on the fruit at the site of the attack, and it will enter into the pathogen.

These Salvestrols are then metabolized by a tumor-specific CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer cells that begins a process of reactions including apoptosis, which is cell death.(1-8)  So that these phytonutrients that we call Salvestrols do nothing to us, but when they enter a cancer cell, this enzyme inside the cancer cell, in metabolizing this phytonutrient, causes the cell to kill itself.(9-10)  Now that is pretty amazing.

Since that we have found this out, we have also found out that the modern way we grow our food en masse with all of our new technology has bred this particular phytonutrient out of the plant.



You see the plant only makes this phytonutrient when it is under attack.  We now use pesticides and other agricultural techniques so that we can grow our farmed food to a certain height without them getting plant diseases, to keep our costs down and our profit up.  

Without plant diseases attacking our plants, the plants do not have to make this phytonutrient to save itself.  Therefore we have significantly depleted the amount of this nutrient currently found in our food, and therefore unfortunately also depleted its benefit for us in killing cancer cells inside our bodies.

With this knowledge one can only deduce that a switch in the diet to organic produce would be greatly recommended to prevent being less healthy especially when it comes to whether or not you might get cancer.  And of course you already exercise, right?

My guess is that no one out there as well as myself wants to conduct a battle with cancer, especially without arming oneself with some new weapons.  The weapons of choice in this prevention are also biotin, to stimulate production of the enzyme, niacin & magnesium to stimulate the activation mechanism, exercise to receive the metabolic rate necessary, iron for, in the core of this CYP1B1  enzyme, and vitamin C to prevent premature oxidation of the Salvestrols.(11-12)

many different fresh produce

Fresh Organic Produce

We use the Salvestrols we get from our plant food to help our body rid itself of cancerous cells.

I do not know about you, but I want to find out more about this, much more.

Read for yourself in the archives for free and learn how to be healthier.



An orthomolecular doctor always should be consulted for dosages etc.

Sincerely, Mother

Writer, Scientist, Physiologist, Musician, Wellness Consultant


About Mother

Mother is someone who has always looked for a second way to fix a health problem mostly because she started out by being allergic to most medications. She had to find herbal remedies for even the most common ailments, and in the process she became educated with a B.S. in Physiology and another degree in Molecular Biology. For a time Mother worked in the field of Molecular Epidemiology in Virology, on viruses and bacteria. Mother also later became ill with a very rare illness called Histiocytosis X. Mother is one of the very lucky ones who lived. She has proceeded to continue to learn all that she can about this illness in case there is any way she could be of help to others with this disease so that they too can survive. Mother is intent on helping those who want to learn about herbs and natural remedies for what ails them.
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125 Responses to You Have Not Even Heard of Salvestrols Yet?

  1. Gerry Potter says:

    Looked at from this perspective it appears that Cancer may be a dietary deficiency of salvestrols. Just as scurvey was found to be a dietary deficiency of Vitamin C. Interestingly both can be cured with citrus fuit. Limes cure scurvey, and tangerines contain salvestrols. Maybe one day we will realise the truth of this and then cancer can be eliminated if the dietary deficiency is addressed. Evidence for this dietary deficiency comes from case studies of people who have cured themselves of cancer using salvestrol therapy. Here is an example of a lady who cured herself from breast cancer using this approach:
    A 36-year-old woman was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer, following biopsies and blood tests. A 3-5 cm tumour was found under the right breast and a larger tumour was found in an underarm lymph node. The breast tumour looked the size of a golf ball on the image. She was told that her situation was really serious. After her first round of chemotherapy she learned about Salvestrols, and began taking one (2,000 point) Salvestrol Platinum capsule per day. Feeling ‘rock bottom’ at the time she skeptically wondered how on earth these capsules were going to help. Consequently she was very surprised to find that the pain associated with the tumours soon disappeared and the tumours began to shrink quickly. She began to feel that ‘she was going to be OK.’ This prompted her to learn more about Salvestrols and after learning more she switched to a completely organic diet. This simultaneously increased her intake of Salvestrols and their cofactors. Prior to her next chemotherapy session she was examined by her oncologist who remarked that she thought that the tumours were gone. Ultrasound and mammography were scheduled to assist the surgeons. To everyone’s surprise the radiologist could find no trace of the tumours through ultrasound and only a shadow was visible on the mammogram, so it was decided that surgery was unnecessary. She conitunues to take 1 capsule per day of Salvestrol Shield (350 point) as a preventative measure and has noticed her periods have resumed. Four months after refusing further chemotherapy her hair has grown back and she reported that she looked and felt wonderful. Presently, she actively assists people with cancer in their struggle to regain their health.

  2. Gerry Potter says:

    Thanks for spreading the word on Salvestrols. If everyone with cancer knew about salvestrols it would save a lot of suffering. Every week I hear of a new case where someone has recovered from cancer by taking salvestrols. Advertising is not allowed to be connected with the word cancer so it is impossible to inform people properly. As people get better they tell others and so the news spreads by word of mouth. This has been happening since they were launched in 2004, and the news has been spreading across the world. Ever since salvestrols have been available people with cancer have been benefiting from them so i’m really pleased more people now know about them. Salvestrols are now used in cancer clinics in the west coast of USA and Canada, and widely used in some countries such as Holland. I am continually encouraged by the results people are getting with salvestrols. Heres the latest case that I have come across of a lady who cured herself of Leukaemia in only 3 months by taking salvestrols:
    My mother introduced me to her friend, an 81-year old lady who had been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. When I met her she had a large 3 cm tumour in the lymph glands of her neck and was finding eating difficult. She was also having trouble sleeping due to swelling and tenderness of the lymph glands under the arms and in the groin. She did not look at all well and had an ashen complexion. I explained to her how salvestrols work naturally by triggering the destruction of the cancer cells from within. She commenced taking one Salvestrol Platinum capsule each day for a period of 3 months. During this time there was a marked improvement in her condition. The tumour in her neck started shrinking rapidly and reduced to half its size within 1 month. The swelling in the lymph glands also quickly subsided and she was able to start sleeping properly again. After 2 months the tumour in her neck had gone. After 3 months she returned to her doctor who declared that there were no signs of cancer in her body. She has continued taking 1 Salvestrol Shield daily both as a preventative measure against the cancer returning, and because she says the salvestrols make her feel good. I met her recently, 6 months after she was diagnosed, and she looked very healthy with a rosey complexion. The fast response rate here is impressive and this occurred at a dose of only one capsule of Salvestrol Platinum daily. Notably the total cost of this treatment was only £60, using 3 months supply of Salvestrol Platinum (90 capsules).

    • Mother says:

      HI Gerry,
      What an incredible woman to take the Salvestrols to get well. I can only say that she probably would not have survived any other treatment at her age. She is very fortunate to be alive and cancer free now.
      I will post links to these comments on other pages so that people can see her testimony here.
      Thank you,

  3. Gerry Potter says:

    I have come across over 500 cases of people who have been cured of cancer by taking salvestrols. Whats most incredible is that salvestrols are simply extracts of fruit. Nothing more. These salvestrol supplements are made from an extract of tangerines, strawberries, and grapes. Nothing else. Just fruit extracts. So all these people are being cured of chronic cancers just by taking fruit. Isn’t that incredible. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful that we have the capacity to heal ourselves with the aid of her little marvels in the shapes of fruit. So fruit cures cancer. Its that simple. But maybe the simplicity is lost in all the confusion over cancer.

    • Mother says:

      Hi Gerry,
      I am so glad you posted about fruits having the salvestrols in them. I have read that our modern farming techniques of growing the food to a certain height and all the pesticides we put on the food as we grow it stops the plant from making the salvestrols. I read that the plant makes this compound to stop an attack on the plant, from say a fungus etc.. And now the plant has no reason to make this compound anymore because it is not being attacked by so much due to the pesticides, and the pesticide resistant strains. Being genetically modified to be more resistant is not a good thing at all. Therefore there are no salvestrols in our store bought food these days, and we must find or grow organic food to get food with salvestrols in it now.
      I have threatened to fill the dinghy boat with dirt and grow food….to get organic food on the boat.(I live on a sailboat) We are lucky enough on this island to have some food growers that have organic vegetables here…well, close enough to drive weekly.
      I also read that the UK is not going to allow GMO food in their stores. I do hope that this is true there. We are not so lucky here, but we do have lists of the food in our stores without GMO food in them.

    • Mother says:

      HI GERRY,

  4. Gerry Potter says:

    If you eat naturally grown foods you can get about 20 points of salvestrols per 100g. So an organic apple or pear contains about 20 points. You need at least 15 points to destroy any tumours at all in the body, so this can be accomplished with a 100g serving of any organic fuit or vegetable. Broccoli too contains about 20 points per serving.
    However typical supermarket produce contains only about 2 points per item. So even eating 5 pieces of non-organic fruit a day will not give you more than 10 points. This is below the minimum level of 15 points, and so no tumours will be destroyed. If an average daily intake remains below 15 points then tumours will build up. Over the course of a year with a low intake of salvestrols the tumour growth can become considerable.
    So even eating one piece of organic fruit or veg gives enough salvestrols, but it has to be naturally grown without fungicides.
    If crops are sprayed withe fungicides then the plants are not challenged to make there own defence in the form of salvestrols, and so the levels in sprayed crops are typically one-tenth of the levels in un-treated crops. One piece of organic fruit is worth 10 pieces of non-organic fruit, so its wise to choose good quality food.
    There are 3 types of salvestrol supplements available. The first is simply called Salvestrol and contains 100 points. This is intended as a daily supplement for general health and is not strong enough for therapy. The second is Salvestrol Shield (350 points) which was originally called Fruit-Force. This provides a high level of salvestrols and intended for cancer prevention. The third is the very high strength Salvestrol Platinum (2000 points) which is for cancer therapy. In the USA/Canada Salvestrol Platinum has 1000 points. Only the Salvestrol Platinum supplements are strong enough for cancer therapy. For advanced cancer salvestrol platinum is taken at 2000 points three times daily to give a total of 6000 points per day.

    Distributers of Salvestrols in the UK are:

    In Europe the distributer is Vitals

    In USA and Canada they are available from

    In Australia/NZ the distributer is Salvacare

    • Mother says:

      Thank you once again Gerry for this great information. I am so grateful for every comment you send. I have been passing them along on here and in emails and on my Facebook pages. I was playing a gig this week and ran into some women from Ohio and passed it along to them as well. I only hope I can be of some help to others.
      Thank you again

  5. Mother says:

    Thank you again Gerry. You are such a great help and I post them on my other blogs and my Facebook page and in emails.


  6. Gerry Potter says:

    Kaite, I was wondering what you make of the following deduction about a question I was asked. The question was “can cancer cells become resistant to salvestrols”. My answer is pasted below. One of the conclusions is that low levels of salvestrols in the diet (less than 2 points) could actually be feeding the tumours. This would mean that a low salvestrol diet is tumour promoting, and a high salvestrol diet is cancer curing. So its actually critical that we get a daily 20 point dose minimum to tip the balance to destroy cancer.

    “Can cancer cells become resistant to salvestrols ?”

    Dear Slarti, I’ve had 10 PhD students write their thesis on salvestrols so one more would be good.
    Cancer cells can become resistant to salvestrols if the salvestrol activase enzyme CYP1B1 is inhibited. Inhibitors of the CYP1B1 enzyme are carbon monoxide (smoking, effects lungs only), cyanide (laetrile, apricot kernels), and fungicides (agricultural sprays).

    One point that needs clearing up here is that only fungicides and not pesticides inhibit the CYP1B1 enzyme. Furthermore it is only fungicides that deplete salvestrol levels in the fruit, and there is no evidence at all that pesticides are harmful to salvestrol production in plants.

    All the cosmetics (shampoo, soap etc) you mention are safe and harmless products. There is a lot of scare mongering about cancer causing agents in this that and the other and its all usually rubbish. Most cosmetics are simply made out of natural oil derived molecules that are compatible with the body.

    Resistance of cancer to salvestrols was something that concerned me initially. There is a P glycoprotein pump that pumps toxic molecules out of the cells and I was concerned that maybe the salvestrols could be pumped out by this same pump. It turned out that they cannot pump out the salvestrols because of the unique configuration of its structure it is recognised as friend and not foe. The salvestrols is recognised as food. The tumour cells likes salvestrols because it can eat them and feed off them when they are in low levels. So along comes a salvestrol into the tumour cell appearing as some food. It does not want to pump it out of the cell, it wants to hold on to it for as long as possible so that it can eat it. So the tumour cell keeps filling up with salvestrols until it reaches a level that switches the CYP1B1 enzyme on. Once CYP1B1 is switched on it digests the salvestrol and burns it up as fuel. This is a mini combustion reaction where the hydrocarbon (i.e. the salvestrol) gets oxidised and releases energy and ATP for the cells metabolic requirements. This combustion process changes the structure of the salvestrol so that it now fits the death switch and the cells are instructed to undergo apoptosis and die. So their is no resistance to this natural mechanism. Its on a dead mans trip switch that cannot fail. It has never failed in the evolution of humanity. Mammalian life would not exist without this organisational death switch intact. We would all just be a bundle of tumours if this did not work. Its when it does not work that actually gives rise to tumours. Its when there are insufficient salvestrols in the diet that it fails completely, and the low levels are just food for the tumours. So I let people make their own minds up about taking them. Do you want to be a bundle of tumours or a healthy human being that is the question ?

  7. Mother says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I am honored that you would even ask to know my opinion on this…..I do not have a PhD, just BS in Physiology and an AS in Molecular Biology(I worked in infectious diseases in virology in the molecular epidemiology unit for the State of Michigan and we worked on Tuberculosis mainly, HIV, and some bacteriia), and I have not worked in the field since I was ill with my Histiocytosis X. I do research on my own now, without a lab I am just reading. I wanted to work in Orthomolecular Science but MSU where I went to school had no idea what that was…..but I do have ideas and questions.
    The first question is …Do you want this comment and the one you sent me live on my page?
    My second question is about cancer and is it a fungus? i have read that some people say it is, and I have no idea. It does make me wonder since the Salvestrols are made by plants to kill fungi. I have also read that there are the extracellular death receptors like DR4 and DR5 I believe they are called, which I assume you are speaking of with the death switch and so this reaction is extracellular?. There is the P53 gene for apoptosis which has been mutated upstream and downstream seen in tumorgenesis, and from what I have read is responsible for around half of the cancers that occur, which can also make the cancer cell not as responsive to radiation and chemo, There is also the bcl-2 and the bcl-XL and then the FAS, and I am sure many others I do not know about, for apoptosis which I read have also been dysregulated by the cancer cell to keep from dying.. Since the cancer can dysregulate apoptosis in these reactions, maybe it could become resistant or the cancer could dysregulate it somehow? That I have no clue about but what I do have questions about…. is whether this could be something entirely different that the cancer cell cannot dysregulate because it comes from a plant instead of a mammal? (since the P450s evolved differently in animals than plants?) or a lab?
    I would like to know the complete reaction of the Salvestrols in a flow chart, so I could see what is actually going on in this mini-combustion, or is that probably under patent, to better answer this question? Or maybe just the part after the mini-combustion and the apoptosis….?
    And to answer your other question and ask another myself, I am already a bundle of tumours, they are just so far all benign. The Histiocytosis X tumour was benign, and I have had 23 cysts from age 11 and some of them have been surgically removed, some topical that go away including the ones in my eyes that I used cortizone drops for, I take selenium daily to keep from having them(because selenium shrinks tumours) because the doctors know nothing about them. I am lumpy I guess. And my question was, do we know if other tumours have this in them or just the cancer tumour?
    Back to the question at hand………..
    I do not even know the structure of Salvestrol….I have seen Resveratrol and possibly it is similar to that. Is it an alcohol?
    And for the Salvestrol Activase Inhibitors, here in the U.S. we have cyanide in our water supply but it can be taken out with reverse osmosis( I drink only R.O. water myself), and plenty of smokers also, and the fungicides, I do not know if they are in our air or our water supply, but probably in our soil.
    I also do not know the reactions for the cancer cell to dysregulate the other apoptosis activators, therefore I do not know how the cancer cell does this dysregulation thing.. I also do not know the dysregulation reactions from the carbon monoxide, cyanide and fungicides. I believe with the answer to my questions I would have a better idea of what to think about whether the Salvestrol minicombustion can be resisted to by the cancer cell. And do you know how the cancer cell could eat the Salvestrol without activating it? At what stage or level of Salvestrol does this minicombustion happen, only daily at 20 points or are there other components? Or if the cancer cell can do something to change the structure of the Salvestrol so that the P glycoproteinpump does not recognize it as food.
    This is my valiant attempt to think about this. I hope I have not bored you with my comments, maybe you have chuckled at me but that is all in the name of answering a question. I could hope that maybe something I am questioning would be of some help.
    Now I am trying to find all of your publications and read them to get more info….I know nothing about phytoalexins yet…
    So far it is simply, if there can be resistance, it would have to be before the death receptor, right?
    I think I saw in your patent (info online) that they work with any neoplasm….I may start taking them myself to see if they can keep me from getting those lovely cysts(tumours)…thank you

    Lumpy Kaite

  8. Gerry Potter says:

    Dear Kaite, I asked your opinion because you are a fellow sicentists and welcome you answers which have given me plenty to think about. It would be good if you could put this information on your site because I think people who are worried about cancer should know about salvestrols. The most interesting question was “Is cancer a fungus”
    Well the answer is cancer is not a fungus, but are living human cells that have become malignant.
    Cancer is a disease of the self, and cancer cells are selfish human cells that have ceased to cooperate with the bodies signals to stop growing. So tumours carry on growing ignoring the rest of the body. As a selfish individual the tumour cells simply wants to just carry on living and multiplying. It doesnt want to die since it is an individual living creature that has evolved to survive. So if we just through toxins at the tumour it will resist these toxins by pumping them out of the cell. Meanwhile all the healthy cells have been affected by these toxins and alot of cheomtherapeutic agents are actually carcinogenic. When giving chemotherapy all the normal cells are exposed to carcinogens which can lead to new primary tumour formation. I know of case where people have been treated with chemo for breast cancer, that have developed leukaemia 6 months later.
    Having said that cancer is not a fungus, it is sometimes useful to view cancer as “fungus” since it can be treated with antifungal agents such as salvestrols or ketoconazole.
    What makes the tumour behave like a fungus is the expression of the cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP1B1. These CYP enzymes are also expressed by fungus which use then to break down their food. When the fungus metabolises salvestrols the CYP enzymes activate the salvestrol to an antimitotic meatbolite that kills the fungal cells. Likewise in tumours it is the CYP1B1 that activates the salvestrols to the same metabolite that destroy the tumour cell. The liver contains the most CYP enzymes which are necessary for digestion and metabolism of food molecules. However, if one says that cancer is a fungus then the whole liver is a fungus, which is clearly not the case. The first stage of salvestrol metabolism occurs in the liver by another CYP enzyme CYP1A2 which converts the alpha salvestrols to the beta salvestrols ready for delivery to the tumour, so the organs of the body cooperate to deliver salvetrsols to the tumours.
    All maliganant cells express the CYP1B1 enzyme so salvestrols will work against many different types of tumour. My own daughter has had ovarian cysts and endometriosis and she takes 1 salvestrol platinum as a preventative measure, which has helped with her condition.

  9. Gerry Potter says:

    Heres an interesting link about how phytoalexins are produced by plants as part of their own immune system. Salvestrols are a type of phytoalexin so all the factors that affect phytoalexin production in plants also applies to salvestrols. These molecules are produced by plants as part of their natural defence system.

    • Mother says:

      I apologize for being out of touch but my Mother passed away and we had to travel and be very busy for awhile…I am now back.
      thank you for the link Gerry

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  11. ovarian cyst says:

    Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with almost all vital infos. I’d like to peer extra posts like this .

    • Mother says:

      I have been told by the discoverer of this compound that it is good to take for any neoplasm…which is tumor…cyst …or lump…it is also very good to take for endometriosis…….Mother

  12. womens health says:

    This is very interesting, You’re an overly skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and stay up for looking for extra of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks

  13. Bob Harvey says:

    Have you seen or heard of salvestrol working well in cases of prostate cancer?
    Is it your impression that the proper dosage of salvestrol as you’ve outlined above will be effective with any cancer, assuming that a person isn’t already too sick or weak? (Did I ask that in a way that will permit an answer? :)

    • Mother says:

      Hi Bob,

      I do not know the answer to that but if you want to ask Gerry you must go to one of his platforms like
      is a facebook page of his and if you go to any of the links about Salvestrol you will find a link to finding yourself an orthomolecular doctor I believe.

      Trying Gerry’s facebook page might work as well.

      Good luck in your journey

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  16. Stella Jones says:

    Coming from a family which has had many cancer sufferers, is it a good idea to take Salvestrol as a preventative?

    • Mother says:

      I would definitely take it as a preventative….to keep killing the cancer in your body before it gets up to the quantity of 10^9th where the hospitals can detect it…..

  17. Zaq says:

    Hello ! If the blog is still open ( I saw last post from july )…
    I read all info about Salvestrols and I try to help my father ( 69, mCRPC ). Can you tell me please where this drug is produced ? I have to order from UK as I am from Romania ?
    Thank you very much !

    • Mother says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thank you for asking.

      Distributers of Salvestrols in the UK are:

      In Europe the distributer is Vitals

      In USA and Canada they are available from

      In Australia/NZ the distributer is Salvacare

      Please keep me posted, and best of luck. God bless you Father and your whole family.


      • zaq says:

        Hello Mother,
        Thank you very much. I took Salvestrol Platinum since 1 month ago and I understood a positive result would be after 2-3 month…If somebody else can report would be great !

        • Mother says:

          Hi zaq…would love to hear from you again and how you are doing with your illness….you also apparently need vitamin B3, which is niacin or nicotinamide… can find out more about what to take and how much from the salvestrol dot ca because it is in Canada as the closest place to the US that we can get this…There is a list of doctors who are qualified in treatment with this and the vitamins and such that you might need also according to your diagnosis…Different cancers need many different treatments….some are harder than others…..please check them out in your area….they are listed by area…… thank you for posting and looking forward to hearing from you more…. Mother

          • zaq says:

            Hi Mother,
            Nice to get back…We have already 4 months with Salvestrols ( 6 pcs per day, 12000 points ) and we’ll continue…even since today the results doesn’t come…Because of big and hard pain we’ve got radiotherapy for bone meta on the leg and now the pain disappeared. Probably we’ll start chemo in 2 weeks as the PSA and bone meta are in progression… All the best ! Zaq
            PS I am not from US but Europe and here is quite difficult to get new drugs and very specialized ( holistic ) doctors; I am taking Salvestrols from Holland anyway

            • Mother says:

              Hi Zaq, Great to hear from you. I hope things are still going well with your treatments. I am sure the Salvestrols from Holland are the same as the others are for everyone. I am glad to hear the pain went away and hope it stays gone. Please keep me posted. I will be sending prayers, if that is okay with you. Sincerely, Mother

              • ahmed says:

                after reading your blog , i started salvestrol today , i have advanced pc , do you know how i can contact prof g potter

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  19. Tony says:

    Hello Mother,

    I believe that related research has led to the creation of a blood or urine test that is exquisitely sensitive for detecting cancer. Somewhere, I read that tests are underway in Canada at the present time and that the tests will be arriving in Australia in about May 2013. Can you throw any further light on exactly what is happening with these testing programs? Google searches are giving me heaps of results about cancer tests but not the one related to Prof Potter’s and Brian Schaefer’s research.


    • Mother says:

      Dear Tony, As of now I have not heard anything but I will ask the people I know and get back to you. thanks for asking. You might look up Gerry Potter (the discoverer of Salvestrol). He is in Leicester, England, and I know he has a Facebook page. He would be the one to ask first. I will post back to you soon. Mother

  20. Joan says:

    Hi Kaite, Thanks to your introduction of Salvestrols on Street Articles, I’m now taking them at the full dosage of 12,000 points a day. Remember, you urged me to take them instead of laetrile? Not only that, but my doctor has prescribed Salvestrols for his cancer patients. Many of his patients had sensitivity to laetrile, for some reason. Have been in touch with Gerry on Cancer Compass. That man is awesome! Thank you Kaite. Your writing friend, Joan

    • Mother says:

      Hi Joan, Good to hear from you on here. I have been so very busy, but now I can get caught up. Great news about your taking the Salvestrols. I will be taking them soon as well, as a preventative. I am tickled pink that your doctor is using them for his patients as well. I am very glad you are in touch with Gerry now. He is great. Mother

  21. jesichashope says:

    Reblogged this on Jesicha's Hope and commented:
    Salvestrols are worthy of you taking a look. Some peers offer up evidence of cancer reversal, others finding results with other treatments. A good cancer preventative? Based on the findings I would tend to agree, Salvestrols is appropriate for your preventative arsenal.

    • Mother says:

      Hello and thank you for the comment. I looked at Jesicha’s Hope and that is very nice of you to help spread the word. I am so glad you did. It is all appreciated. I do not have any money interest in this new remarkable Salvestrol. Only that it helps many, many people to get through what some may not. I just found it, read it, and now I keep passing it along. Thank you, Mother

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    • Mother says:

      Hi, Thank you so very much for your compliment. Duly noted. I can only hope you are right. thank you again, Mother P.S. I just looked at your website and thank God you posted. I now know where to send other people who want a tens unit for themselves. My friend has one and we searched high and low to find me one. I also, just recently injured my back washing my car….duh….and used it last week to get myself out of bed. Between that unit and my magnets I am walking again. Thanks again, Mother

  23. Alan Gonzalaz says:

    Eh bien, je viens de signer et suis en train de terminer mon post d’introduction … Je suis sûr que je trouverai beaucoup de discussions intéressantes et des conseils utiles sur ce site.

  24. Miss Mccollester says:

    Prachtige lens! Keep up the good work

    • Mother says:

      Hello there, and thank you for visiting from where ever you reign. Thank you very much for the compliment and come and see us again any time. I love to hear form readers. Thanks again, Mother

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