Aloe Vera for IBS, Colitis, and….and

aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is not just a tropical succulent. It has been used for centuries and is known to some cultures as the “Plant of Immortality”.  Aloe is also believed to have been used in the Egyptian embalming process.

Aloe is originally an African plant, and there are many different species. From Africa to India, Ancient Greece, the Mediterranean to the Caribbean regions, they have all hailed its use as a healer of wounds, burns and more.

aloe vera gel being pushed out of the leaf into the hand to use

Pushing Aloe Vera gel out of the leaf to use on skin

Known as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, laxative, to draw out infections, revitalize women’s female regularities, for ulcers, reflux, and rashes, Aloe is known to enhance the body’s ability to heal. There are some who also praise it for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.

Mother’s first introduction to Aloe was in Florida when she had a sunburn. Now Mother does not just get a burn. She goes from her white Irish skin through purple to get to brown. And her brown is never really a dark brown. While she is going through the purple stage she has used many an Aloe plant to ease the pain of the burn. It is the only thing that has ever helped, except when she used sour cream slathered all over her when she could not find any Aloe.

using spoon to scrape aloe vera gel out og the leaf to use

Scraping Aloe Vera gel out of the leaf to use

In Florida they usually sell a great big leaf of Aloe in the vegetable departments of grocery stores for this reason, and also for those who use it internally. Aloe Vera juice is extremely good to soothe the stomach and for healing of the stomach lining.

Since Mother’s first use topically, she has used Aloe for burns in the kitchen, for the healing of any rash, and drinking the juice for stomach relief of heartburn and reflux.

bottle of Aloe Vera Juice

Bottle of Aloe Vera Juice

Growing Aloe was hard for Mother because she killed it 3 times before she quit watering too much. She over-watered it and then thought it was dead and quit watering it and it would come back to life.  Mother finally got the hint, but she keeps an Aloe plant on the boat now at all times so they have some when needed.

IBS seems to be more prevalent these days for whatever reasons and Aloe is a great way to

giant aloe vera plant grown by this woman in her yard taller than her

Giant Aloe Vera plant home grown

relieve yourself of the trouble IBS causes. Aloe is very good for cleansing of the colon, which is a great way to keep your colon healthy, and that is a major factor in your overall health. Aloe is a benefit for people with Diabetes as well.

Mother was just boiling pasta the other day and splashed a little of the boiling water onto her skin. She had to use Aloe to keep it from blistering and hurting. You can learn from Mother’s mistake here. Men should never cook without a shirt on…or women.

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Sincerely, Mother


About Mother

Mother is someone who has always looked for a second way to fix a health problem mostly because she started out by being allergic to most medications. She had to find herbal remedies for even the most common ailments, and in the process she became educated with a B.S. in Physiology and another degree in Molecular Biology. For a time Mother worked in the field of Molecular Epidemiology in Virology, on viruses and bacteria. Mother also later became ill with a very rare illness called Histiocytosis X. Mother is one of the very lucky ones who lived. She has proceeded to continue to learn all that she can about this illness in case there is any way she could be of help to others with this disease so that they too can survive. Mother is intent on helping those who want to learn about herbs and natural remedies for what ails them.
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15 Responses to Aloe Vera for IBS, Colitis, and….and

  1. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to
    “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

    • Mother says:

      Hi there…of course you can use my ideas …just please don’t copy my posts…You can however give a link to them to whom ever you wish… will do fine on your blog….please let me know how you are doing and I will come and read your too.

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    Aloe vera direct from the plant outstanding for skin cancer…

  3. Damien Beuttel says:

    I love Aloe Vera, there are so many things that you can get from it. Aloe Vera juice have some great health benefits. `*`:;

    Till next time

    • Mother says:

      Yes Damien, It is great for your stomach and intestines. Since I live in Florida we use it here for all the burns people get when they move here and are not used to the sun, and have not learned how to live in it yet. Many people have already learned what a great plant this one is. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Please come back soon and say hello again. Thanks, Mother

  4. Sam ENG says:

    Hey everyone im here with review, and I finally know this helped my IBS. Im a healthy woman in her mid-40s, just slightly overweight, but not too much. I have been taking fiber supplements for a few months now, but the brand really matters. My nutritionist recommended the Lady Soma brand after trying some supplements that did not work. Specifically, it was the Lady Some Fiber Cleanse which is made just for women.

    I can tell you what a difference it has made for me. Not only just going to the bathroom but for general well being. i felt a very constipated before. I would recommend this to anyone looking to try a fiber supplement for the first time. even though you only get 30 days or less with this its still a GREAT price for a fiber supplement.

    • Mother says:

      Hi Sam ENG, I want to thank you for contributing this to my blog. I do enjoy other peoples writings when you visit. I am glad to see you have gotten some relief. I would also like to say about getting fiber and such, that alfalfa is a good place to start as well. You can eat alfalfa sprouts as well as take alfalfa capsules. Please visit my other site at this page to read more about alfalfa too. thanks again for commenting and good luck with your health. Mother My website is in re-construction right now so please, if you will, forgive the mess.

  5. DianeA says:

    You MUST find a fiber supplement that is made from “functional” fibers, which is fiber that is isolated or extracted from plants or animals, with health benefits in humans. Psyllium is obviously the most effective in treating constipation and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. I have tried the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse (which has these “Function fibers”), and I completely love it. I use a bottle about every 1-2 months, and there are no side effects, and the price is amazing. Good luck hon!

    • Mother says:

      Hi Diane, Thanks for visiting and commenting as well. It is nice of you to add to a comment on my blog in concern to others. I love to see the comments too. I also want to mention to you about the alfalfa. Please check out my pages for further information… Thank you again, and come back to say more. or just stop by to say hello. All the best, Mother

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