Cancer – We Have To Kill It – It Only Lives Inside Of Us

angels with stairway to heavenAs you will surely see if you are ever diagnosed with cancer, it is the most horrible time of your life(excepting those moments when you lose your parents to heaven). I said all the things I wanted to about what I would not do if I was diagnosed with cancer. When the time came to tell me I was going to have to go through radiation, I said yes sir and followed orders. Now I did not have cancer but I had a very extremely rare illness that they know nothing about.  When they told me to do something it was what they had done before that may, or may not have worked. Since then I have found out that most of the time it did not work and that I was one of the lucky few who lived.

a cancer virusThere are many unanswered questions about diseases but I do believe the most terrible treatment is for cancer. If you live through the treatment then you might have gotten rid of the cancer.

My question is this? Why are we seeing more cancer and more different kinds? It is like a colony of cancer that has different races in it that mutate(or procreate as we do except that it is a virus and needs a host) into different things that can affect our organs, and then finally, if left alone, can take over the entire body.

Modern Farming TechnologyIt is almost like we are doing something that helps it take over.

Well, in fact, I do believe we are.  We have been for generations now perfecting our technology to benefit man but only according to profit. We are constantly trying to help man with his work, with machines and technology. I believe this time we may have gone too far.

Certified Organic ProduceWe should care what we put into our bodies and not just something to get over hunger that tastes good at the time. We could adjust our tastes to be for something that is better for us. I do not know about you but I have been through many different food styles of eating in my lifetime. I have gone through the nuts, seeds and salads phase. I was a vegetarian. I have eaten lots of meat and rich foods during my time at University. I was reared with a bland farm type diet of fried potatoes and roast beef.

Organic ProduceI can go through any period of time without eating something I like because it is not good for me. I did not have bacon or milk for over 20 years. And I love both of those foods. So I do believe one can train themselves to change their diet according to what they know is good for them. People do not have to eat fast food or sugary snacks.

It seems that the cancer cell does not die like all of our other cells do. Our cells all die and create more. Not cancer. Yet cancer does have an enzyme in it that when it meets up with this particular compound it obliterates the cancer cell.

Now this sounds amazing but it does not meet up with this compound(which is in food by the way) if that food has not been grown organically.

Organic Farming If that food has been sprayed with fungicides then the food does not make this compound(named Salvestrol)  and it never has the chance to meet up with a cancer cell. This is what we are doing wrong with our modern technology today with our farming. We are letting more cancer live….and where does it live?

Yes, it lives inside us.


About Mother

Mother is someone who has always looked for a second way to fix a health problem mostly because she started out by being allergic to most medications. She had to find herbal remedies for even the most common ailments, and in the process she became educated with a B.S. in Physiology and another degree in Molecular Biology. For a time Mother worked in the field of Molecular Epidemiology in Virology, on viruses and bacteria. Mother also later became ill with a very rare illness called Histiocytosis X. Mother is one of the very lucky ones who lived. She has proceeded to continue to learn all that she can about this illness in case there is any way she could be of help to others with this disease so that they too can survive. Mother is intent on helping those who want to learn about herbs and natural remedies for what ails them.
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2 Responses to Cancer – We Have To Kill It – It Only Lives Inside Of Us

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Now this is my type of subject…. See you on Street Articles….

    • Mother says:

      Hey Bulldog…how have you been??? I have been out of touch for a while but I am back and hope to do better at staying on top of everything….send positive vibes and prayers to your wife for me and happy writing….glad to be back

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