Vaccines Are NOT Safe

1 in 88 children with Autism?

1 in 88 children with Autism?

“Vaccines Are NOT Safe” say all these people:

I must begin here with a trusted statistic from a respected company, even though they do not want you to know this, as follows.

From the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program itself, as of Aug 2008, the amount of compensations paid to persons in the United States from vaccine injuries was $1,804,415,262.35. ¹ ²

Mind you this is 6 years ago, and over a billions dollars, possibly over two billion dollars by now (2014).

This compensation comes from adverse reactions they may call minimal side effects, ranging from autism to death.

What happened to the trust our government used to be respected for??

Congressman Bill Posey questioning dr Boyle about vaccine safety

Congressman Bill Posey Questioning Dr Boyle about Vaccine Safety

When someone from within our own government, a congressman (Bill Posey), comes out and says the CDC cannot be trusted when it comes to the safety of vaccines, we should know we are in trouble.

This man is sincerely concerned about the health of our children, and he calls them our future. He is calling for an investigation into the CDC because of “the incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and public officials.” ³ He believes that they are purposely mishandling the statistics of safety, and he said just that.

The vaccine industry has a watchdog who is PhD biochemist Brian Hooker. This scientist looked into this because of the incident of what Bill Posey said on a radio show on autism.

By year the Rise In Autism

By Year the Rise In Autism

One past CDC official Dr Poul Thorsen has already been indicted for wire fraud and money laundering.

Dr Hooker called the current CDC spokesperson regarding autism and vaccines, Dr Coleen Boyle, “intentionally evasive” when he  questioned her at a Congressional hearing. She had said Dr Thorsen only collaborated with the CDC on one paper and not the thirty-six papers in which he had actually been involved.

There is a rise in autism. It is an autism epidemic, they all know it, and it is connected to vaccines.

When a vaccine injury does occur for you or your baby, you cannot sue your doctor or the manufacturer. You can only petition the Vaccine Court for damages. They have passed laws to not be liable for anything and to keep you from getting any money from any of them.

States have passed many laws so that it is mandatory to vaccinate your child with somewhere around 90 or more vaccines in order to attend a public, or even a private, school system.

Recently a very appropriate book has been written called “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries MD, and Roman Bystrianyk. It tells of how we have come from not knowing even where illness comes from. When we had excrement on the streets and it was left there. And then on to more recently when we have vaccines to keep us from getting those diseases.

The book does go on to explain that these vaccines, from the beginning with the smallpox, Orthopox variola, vaccine, have always been contaminated.

“Contaminated with what?” you say.

Thimerosal which is Mercury is in Vaccines as well as Contact Lens Solutions

Thimerosal which is Mercury is in Vaccines as well as Contact Lens Solutions

Contaminated with many different kinds of bacteria, as well as fungi, yeasts, and even anaerobic contaminants in them. There have also been parasites found in vaccines. (10 ) Vaccines  contain mercury (yes mercury), phenol, aluminum, and formaldehyde. They will tell you that they are very small amounts, but even very small amounts of these substances can cause very big problems for your health.

Vaccines contain many antigens, which are viruses and bacteria. And they are grown on host cells from monkeys, and also aborted tissue from organs. These cells are foreign to humans. These foreign cells can contain other contaminants that do not affect the host animal but do affect humans. The example I will give you is the SV40 virus that certain monkeys carry but they do not have the disease. However, humans can turn on these viruses and they will develop in us.

SV40 virus contaminated polio vaccines but given anyway - now causing cancer in adults

SV40 Virus Contaminated Polio Vaccines but Given Anyway – Now Causing Cancer in Adults

This SV40 virus was in early polio vaccines and is now causing cancer in humans, as well as their offspring. This means that it is inherited. Some vaccine, right?

They are now discovering that some of the aborted fetal tissue used to grow the intended vaccine viruses have tumor cells in them, and are causing cancer in adults. There is also concern of the Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, called XMRV, having been used in cell-subtrates for vaccines, and they are now finding this XMRV in adults.(10)

DNA in Guardisil vaccine IS NOT safe

DNA in Guardisil vaccine IS NOT safe

Science now knows that no aborted fetal tissue with DNA is safe to inject into a human. However, unbeknownst to us, they are used in twenty-three vaccines.(10) I do not want to take vaccines!

In the very familiar tetanus shots, that are temporary so we must get them every so many years, has an effect of immune suppression. Not just a little, this suppression of our immune system is as low as an active AIDs patient. Another great vaccine, right?

Tetanus spores are all around us, yet very, very few deaths have occurred, and only few infections are even happening. But it is still mandatory to have one of these very so many years.

In 1840 the first laws were passed for mandatory vaccinations of infants.

Decorous and admissible language fails me, in alluding to that which might have seemed incredible thirty years ago—the commanding of vaccination on a second child of a family, when vaccination has killed the first; and then sending the father to prison for refusal. – Emeritus Professor F. W. Newman (1805–1897), October 26, 1874 (4)

During the centuries like the 1800’s when infectious diseases like typhus, cholera, scarlet fever, smallpox and typhoid were running amuck, they eventually learned about being clean and how to better avoid these infectious illnesses. Then we went through measles, mumps, polio, and whooping-cough and their vaccines.

We were soon to discover better nutrition and what our bodies needed to stay healthy to avoid diseases like pellagra, scurvy, rickets, and more.

Not a scintilla of truth as to the benefit of vaccination or of anti-diphtheritic serum, is in existence, except statistics. And statistics are lies. Two kinds of lies. Deliberate lies and stupid lies. I have spent too much time behind the scenes where medical statistics are made to have a particle of faith in them. – F. N. Seitz, Mechano-Therapy Specialist, 1908 (5)

Statistics of how many people have been cured of not getting these diseases (that they never had), are what the vaccine companies have relied on from the beginning.

Therefore, I believe our choice to come this vaccination route, instead of the herbal curing passed down from generation to generation, is the wrong choice.

There is an Autism Epidemic

There is an Autism Epidemic

I believe that we should be going the prevention route. It is still the only way to go for a pregnancy (even though there are some very dangerous night after pills).

And it has worked for many people with infectious diseases. If you want no chance of getting malaria, you simply refrain from going where there is malaria. If you do not want to get HIV, then you do not have any activity that can give it to you, including a blood transfusion. You can now give your own blood before a surgery, in case it is needed.

From You can see the video there.

From You can see the video there.

I do not want to take the vaccines that are required to go to certain countries, because I understand how bad they are for us, therefore I do not go to those countries. It all seems so simple to me. I survived measles, mumps and chickenpox as well, although it does not mean you will.

If vaccines are so safe then why do they even have a “Vaccine Injury Compensation Table”?

Should One little boy Have to Fight for Our Rights

Should One little boy Have to Fight for Our Rights

One Mother tells her story of her child after the third DPT-Polio vaccine, when her child started crying , then screaming for hours, and then the silence of her baby sleeping for seven days. This was “excessive somnolence” and is caused by encephalitis (swelling of the brain), and it is caused by the vaccine.(7)

This mother stopped the child’s vaccinations. Even though the doctor knew about the baby’s adverse reactions from the vaccine, the office kept calling to get her to give her child more vaccines. The mother could not get them to stop calling until she said that she would come in if they would give their personal signed guarantee for financial responsibility for all of her further care if she was injured by the vaccines.(7) Funny how that stopped them, isn’t it? Or is it?

This is deplorable by the health industry to do this to anyone’s health, especially a baby.

Now let us talk about the FLU vaccine. I have never taken one and I refuse to take one. I know so many people that get them every year and refuse to stop taking them. I will not work in any field that requires mandatory vaccines of any kind. I left the laboratory health industry in the government factor because of its new mandatory vaccine rules especially anthrax.

Dr Tenpenny Says To Say No To Vaccines

Dr Tenpenny Says To Say No To Vaccines

The flu shot is the least effective of all the vaccines. Even if they do happen to choose the correct three strains that come to your area that year, there is no guarantee that it will produce antibodies in you for that strain.

Why do people still go get “their flu shot”? Haven’t they found out by now that they can get Guillian Barre Syndrome, and transverse myelitis, and end up paralyzed?

I will never forget the day one of my chemistry professors told me the story about her father who was a doctor. He had a patient come in and when the doctor saw that he was paralyzed on one side of his body, he said, “flu shot?” and the patient replied “yes”. This man became paralyzed from the flu shot, and this doctor had seen this so many times that he knew, by the way the patient was paralyzed, that it had been from the flu vaccine.

A US immunogeneticist, suggests that:

Repeated influenza vaccination (i.e. one shot per year for five years) will increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s 10-fold. (7)

I remember copying a paper from a university written about a “correlation” between the Hepatitis B vaccine and Multiple Sclerosis. Which has now been confirmed.(10) I got my Hep vaccine series from the State Police in Michigan when I worked there, in their Toxicology department. I pray I do not get MS from that. Many of the people I worked with in the Molecular Epidemiology Infectious Diseases in Virology Department of Health have MS already.

Since 1980 the only cases of polio in the U.S. and Canada were caused by the oral polio vaccines.(7) Canada no longer uses the oral vaccine for polio. But the U.S. still does.

…children who had the oral polio vaccine shed the polio virus in the feces for at least two months…(7)

Health care workers were given this information, but not the parents. So they did not know that they could be affected by the feces and get polio from it. Needless to say, there were some parents who contracted the polio virus from their recently vaccinated children.

Just one of the adjuvants used in vaccines is aluminum, and it has been shown in experimental research to “induce serious immunological disorders in humans.”(9) Specifically the aluminum adjuvant has been shown to cause serious long-term brain inflammation, associated neurological complications, carries a risk for autoimmunity, and is an experimentally shown neurotoxin.”(9) Even though the studies have not been done yet, there exists a very high correlation between  aluminum adjuvants in pediatric vaccines and autism in our young.(10)

1 in 150 Children Have A Form of Autism Now

1 in 150 Children Have A Form of Autism Now

We all know that formaldehyde is not something we should have inside our bodies because it is toxic, even in small amounts. And how can the government, or the health department, even begin to think that we would believe that mercury is safe in these vaccines, even in miniscule amounts?

When you spill mercury on the floor by breaking one of the older mercury thermometers, it stays on the floor for thirty-five years after you have cleaned it up with the bio-hazard cleaning provided. What do you think?

Yes your child can go to school without taking the vaccines.(10)

Look At the Increase In the Number of Children Enrolled with Autism Climb Since  the MMR Vaccinations Began

Look At the Increase In the Number of Children Enrolled with Autism Climb Since the MMR Vaccinations Began

I do not know about you, but I am determined to not take any more vaccines. I am certain I got the polio vaccines, but I do not know of anything else besides the Hepatitis B, with Hep A in it, that I received. I am also through the age of being when most people contract their diseases which is between 40 and 50, except cancer of course.

We shall see.

Of course, I already know there is a cure for cancer. Look here if you do not know about it yet…..

No you cannot buy it in our country, but you can get it in Canada and most other countries, that are not third world.

What To Do If You Are Forced To Receive A Vaccine

What To Do If You Are Forced To Receive A Vaccine

References and other important links for you to learn from:

Vaccines Are NOT Safe say all these people: except the CDC who does not say they are safe. they say they are the safest ones around….hmmmm.

You can find out information about what Canadians, Americans, health workers, and military personnel, can do to refuse vaccinations by going to this site.

Cat Flu Vaccination Proper Preparations

Cat Flu Vaccination Proper Preparations


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