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     Hello…. Mother here (CEO and owner of http://www.shopmotherearth.com/index-NaturalHealthMagazine.html ….Wishing you happy all natural days and warm and healthy nights.  

The Other Side of Mother

     Mother has a Bachelor of Science in the Science of Physiology and a second degree in Molecular Biology.  When confronted with any kind of health question, one must search for an answer.  The problem with finding an answer is that there are many different answers because there happen to be different schools of thought about our health and how it actually works.  However Mother believes in Homeopathic Remedies and Homeopathic Medicines.

     The first thing that Mother thought was odd about studying the Science of Physiology is how much we do NOT know.  And Mother only studied Physiology because they had never heard of or refused to acknowledge Orthomolecular Medicine.  Sometimes Mother truly wondered what she was paying for during her educational journey.  It seemed that too many of the lectures started out with, “We do not know how this works but….this much we do know”.  Isn’t it odd that an institution can charge money to give you information they do not know?

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