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About Mother

Mother is someone who has always looked for a second way to fix a health problem mostly because she started out by being allergic to most medications. She had to find herbal remedies for even the most common ailments, and in the process she became educated with a B.S. in Physiology and another degree in Molecular Biology. For a time Mother worked in the field of Molecular Epidemiology in Virology, on viruses and bacteria. Mother also later became ill with a very rare illness called Histiocytosis X. Mother is one of the very lucky ones who lived. She has proceeded to continue to learn all that she can about this illness in case there is any way she could be of help to others with this disease so that they too can survive. Mother is intent on helping those who want to learn about herbs and natural remedies for what ails them.

Who Knew?

For many years I knew it was something about cancer and fungus. Was cancer a fungus? What was it about fungus? So now I finally read scientific journal articles about fungus….and cancer. By now, most people who read about health … Continue reading

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